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Progress - underway
>_phase 1 - SCope

Initial work has already begun in designing a revolutionary new breed of Blockchain for Space industry, bringing the benefits of blockchain technologies in a solution which is sustainable by design.

This phase also includes developing business readiness, market research and development of a commercial proposition for the Space industry and for developers who wish to bring new innovation to the Space Economy.

Our team have begun research into various innovations and use-cases for Blockchain Technology relative the needs of the Space industry.

Pan Galactic has begun work in research with the European Space Agency in preparation of applying for the ESA Incubator programme.

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Progress - commence sept 2023, completion late 2024
>_  phase 2 - Build

Starting in September 2023, Pan Galactic will be entering the UK Space Agency's Accelerator on the Explore programme, working on business readiness and creating sector partnerships with other Space colleagues.

During this phase we are beginning our first fundraising round, scaling the team and beginning the build of the Pan Galactic Blockchain Ecosystem.

Primarily focussed on B2B clients, Pan Galactic will be working to build capacity across Space organisations and the developer community as an ongoing activity.

IRL Sustainability work will continue with expansion of our current work on the Pan Galactic Permaculture project and more work in building on our regenerative measures work through woodland.

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Estimated Arrival - ongong
>_Phase 3 -  grow

In phase 3, Pan Galactic will deploy its solution and focus heavily on growth of the network through expansion of the infrastructure to develop coverage.

Key work will be in onboarding of more developers brining innovation, choice and new benefits to the Space economy both through the enterprise layer but also in building out the public access blockchain.

Expansion of partnerships and collaborations will also create new ways to communicate and transact across the Space setting through a high performance ReFi Ecosystem which facilitates a democratic and inclusive Space economy and at the same time has tangible and measurable regenerative/restorative impacts on Earth.