Our mission

Creating the sustainable, quantum secure operating system for space.

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A universal secure operating system for Space data​

Pan Galactic are developing the future of secure, quantum safe operating system for the space Industry.​​ Our OS utilises industry leading blockchain security and is sustainable by design to help liberate the emerging new space economy​ and bring standardisation of operations and security to the industry.

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Why GalacticOS_

Pan Galactic are building secure systems and utilising the future of quantum safe encryption to ensure both the data communications of users and the data itself are all secured in such a way that current and future threats of advancements in computing technology are mitigated.  Through the use of approved Post Quantum Encryption and further development beyond the standardised approaches we are developing a future where peace of mind in security is baked in as a standard.

Specific to the product Pan Galactic are making use of a number of features, the use of dynamic consensus methods in order to select the most sustainable area of the platform on which to process transactions in line with processing efficiency and availability.    

The use of satellites to process and the availability of Space environmental factors, Space solar, mesh networks, optical links and RF technologies also provide additional savings in data energy efficiency.

There is further innovation in the rewarding of validators to provide sustainable validation through Proof of Eco Stake to provide increased validation rewards for proof of sustainable practicesBroadly as a business we operate as a carbon negative entity offsetting all of our carbon through our own team and partners being engaged in targeted, data led, tokenised, proven and tangible offset.  We do this through our Pan Galactic Forests application and partnerships with Optimal Cities and the PATT Foundation where together we use satellite data led insights and real work on the ground to manage our carbon offset, providing net bio diversity gain and tackling a number of other CSR focus points too.Actively, Pan Galactic have a range of sustainability led projects happening on the ground now and are building additional software applications to further contribute toward the future of sustainable tech and sustainability in Space.

The simplicity of GalacticOS and the ability to curate the environment as the user wishes or to create an entirely branded and private environment to provide for others to use creates a way to develop great projects on top of the security features which should be universal to all applications.

Providing a universal standard in secure operating systems creates a means for more collaboration and innovation to take place.

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Pan Galactic Blockchain is providing the next generation of secure distributed ledger technologies, through the GalacticOS users and stakeholders will be able to deploy their own private and managed subnet environments building on the existing protections, security and scalability of the wider Pan Galactic Ecosystem


In order to stay true to our aim of liberating the New Space economy and encouraging innovation and growth we are building an application marketplace called the Pan Galactic Sandbox. For the first time Earth’s greatest developers will be able to build and create the future of Space Software and provide this directly to the Space Market and those markets which service terrestrial use or use in the future exploration and development of Space.

Pan Galactic ID

Our ID credential service provides a unique identification credential for all users which is designed to provide a secure universal log in experience for all users to all Pan Galactic products. This will allow for an encrypted cross platform experience for all users.

Native Apps

Pan Galactic are currently developing a range of applications in house to bridge key functionalities with the next generation of secure blockchain technologies. Pan Galactic Applications currently in pre-production are focussed on Logistics, Credential Management, Digital Wallets and tokenisation platforms.

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Crew Directory_

Pan Galactic is a team of passionate individuals working together to support and accelerate the future of the Space economy sustainably.

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Flow Collingwood
Founder/ CEO
Alan Raw
Founder/ CSO
Leigh Redhead
Founder/ Head of Creative Visuals
Lawrence Worrell
Founder/ CTO
Jamie Del Grosso
Digital Marketing Lead

Advisory Board_

The Pan Galactic Advisory and Partners board is made up of esteemed colleagues from the Blockchain, Space, Tech and Sustainability sectors.

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Tom Dowrick PhD
Advisor - EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellow at University College London
Silviu Pirvu FRSA
Advisor - CTO & Urbanist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
Prof. Hane Aung PhD
Advisor - Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of East Anglia and Co-Founder of GrooveSense
Prof. Thias Russomano MD, MSc, PhD, FRSA
Advisor - Co-founder and CEO of Innovaspace
Phil Benson
Advisor - Entrepreneur, educator, business speaker and co-founder of uk black tech
Arun Nadarasa MRPharmS
Advisor -Space Social Prescribing - Ambassador at World Health Innovation Summit- Founding Member at World Metaverse Council
Felix Huang
Advisor - Blockchain founder at Republik (Binance Labs)
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