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Building the future of sustainable BLOCKCHAIN for the space economy

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Our Purpose_

Pan Galactic is building a future gateway to technological innovation through blockchain and its power to change the way information is stored, owned and shared. We are sustainably applying the benefits of distributed ledger technologies to help businesses and agencies within the Space economy to increase accountability, security and certainty in their operations.

At our core is a commitment to our home and it’s environment. We are creating a platform which is sustainable by design, going further than net zero and toward building a business model and technology which is regenerative for Earth. We are already hands on in our sustainability work with tangible company led programmes working on biodiversity, rewilding and permaculture since 2022.

We are liberating access to the Space economy for blockchain software developers to host innovative new applications. We’re focussed on stimulating growth in the emerging Space market through our platform and future products. We are working to capture hearts and minds around the possibilities and opportunities that the future Space industry will bring to us all.

At the heart of every space exploration and blockchain breakthrough lies the spirit of collaboration. We take immense pride in forging strong ties with esteemed advisors, dedicated partners, and our vibrant community. Together, we're shaping the future of sustainable Space blockchain solutions.

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Our Missions_

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Crew Directory_

Pan Galactic is a team of passionate individuals working together to support and accelerate the future of the Space economy sustainably.

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Flow Collingwood
Founder/ CEO
Alan Raw
Founder/ CSO
Leigh Redhead
Founder/ Head of Creative Visuals
Lawrence Worrell
Founder/ CTO
Tim Day
Head of Marketing
Louis Magee
Lead Developer

Advisory Board_

The Pan Galactic Advisory and Partners board is made up of esteemed colleagues from the Blockchain, Space, Tech and Sustainability sectors.

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Tom Dowrick PhD
Advisor - EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellow at University College London
Silviu Pirvu FRSA
Advisor - CTO & Urbanist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
Prof. Hane Aung PhD
Advisor - Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of East Anglia and Co-Founder of GrooveSense
Prof. Thias Russomano MD, MSc, PhD, FRSA
Advisor - Co-founder and CEO of Innovaspace
Phil Benson
Advisor - Entrepreneur, educator, business speaker and co-founder of uk black tech
Arun Nadarasa MRPharmS
Advisor -Space Social Prescribing - Ambassador at World Health Innovation Summit- Founding Member at World Metaverse Council
Felix Huang
Advisor - Blockchain founder at Republik (Binance Labs)
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