Pan Galactic joins the UK Space Accelerator Programme!


April 29, 2024

Pan Galactic Developments selected to join the UK Space Accelerator Programme!

We're thrilled to share some monumental news – Pan Galactic Developments has been selected to join the esteemed UK Space Agency Accelerator programme!

Our selection for the UK Space Agency Accelerator programme marks a significant milestone in our journey. We see this as an opportunity to drive innovation within the Space industry, fostering collaboration and attracting talented software developers who will contribute to the growth of the emerging Space Economy.

At Pan Galactic, we're on a mission to redefine the Space industry. Founded in the North of England, our diverse team of founders has embarked on a journey to create a Sustainable blockchain platform designed specifically for Space – the Pan Galactic Blockchain.

Our vision is to pioneer a new era of blockchain technology, one that's sustainable by design and offers a high-performance solution tailored to the unique needs of the Space industry. By harnessing the power of blockchain, we aim to empower Space businesses with enhanced accountability, streamlined processes, and unprecedented levels of security and certainty.

Since our inception, we've been diligently working on scoping exercises that utilise satellite sand other Space infrastructure to develop our next-generation solution. We're proud to be an approved SME of the European Space Agency, a founding member of the European Centre for Space Economics and Commerce, and collaborating with esteemed organisations such as InnovaSpace, Symbiotic8, and the Association of Sustainability Practitioners.

Our strong team of advisors and partners, including world-renowned academics and leaders from diverse fields, reflects our commitment to excellence. With a newly appointed lead developer and a dedicated brand and communications specialist, Pan Galactic is poised for significant growth in the coming months.

Flow Collingwood Co-Founder and CEO of Pan Galactic said:

This is a fantastic move towards new frontiers for the whole team.

Over the past year, we have been hands-on in our sustainability work whilst making considerable progress on our ‘proof of concept’ for our sustainable blockchain solution. 

Joining the UK Space Agency’s Accelerator programme is a step change for us and a great opportunity to build new relationships, forge partnerships and leverage mentorship to further evolve in the Space industry. Our mission is to create the future of blockchain technology for the Space industry whilst being regenerative for our planet”.

Join us as we embark on this exciting chapter of sustainable Space Tech! 🚀

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